Teamspeak 3 Updates

  • 3.1.0

    1. === Server Release 3.1.0 14 february 2018
    2. ! Before you run the teamspeak 3 server it is required that you agree to our license. This license can be found in the file "license.txt" or "LICENSE" (depending on your platform), which is located in the same location as the ts3server binary (the main folder). If, after reading it, you agree to the license, this can be indicated in one of three ways:
    3. 1: Create a file called ".ts3server_license_accepted" in the current working directory. The contents of this file are irrelevant and can be empty. For example on linux do: touch .ts3server_license_accepted
    4. 2: Start the ts3server with the commandline parameter "license_accepted" set to 1. For example: ts3server license_accepted=1
    5. 3: Set the OS environment variable TS3SERVER_LICENSE to "accept". For example on Windows: set TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept
    6. ! New accounting subsystem. Please read accounting.txt in the docs folder.
    7. ! Windows xp and vista support has been dropped. - Fixed a bug where a channel could be created with a password without the needed permission. - fixed some performance issues when copying a server group
    8. * Accounting server Documentation updated
    9. + New property 'virtualserver_nickname' allowing to add the server nickname into the server settings. Changes to the new property are only possible by users with the new 'virtualserver_nickname' permission.
    10. + New parameter 'wait_until_ready' in ts3db_mariadb.ini that specifies in seconds how long the ts3server should wait for the database to become available. * Released under new license. See accompanying license file.
  • Update 3.2.0

    1. === Server Release 3.2.0 14 may 2018
    2. Added: In light of the recent attacks that have been discovered, we took a closer look to make sure we haven't missed anything and prevent some possible future attacks.
    3. Added: We have enabled the use of Unicode emojis, we hope to see some creative use on your servers. This works in all places where the server deals with text, nicknames, channel names, chat etc.
    4. Added: Query commands customset and customdelete for custom client properties, making those just so much more usable.
    5. Added: The query commands serverstop and serverprocessstop now have a new optional parameter to tell your users why it's stopping. No more hardcoded message. serverstop sid=123 reasonmsg=BeRightBack!
    6. Changed: Improved regex matching in the ban manager, it now properly handles UTF-8 characters. Old style regex matching like .*(&#128520).* was actually a bug and is not supported anymore. Sorry but you have to change those to use the correct regex escape sequence, for the example above it would be .*(\uD83D\uDE08).*
    7. Changed: The server does not report all slots filled when only reserved slots are left.
    8. Fixed: When using a privilege key the custom values of the user are not overwritten anymore.
    9. Fixed: At some point we apparently removed logging of file deletions. It's back now.
    10. Fixed: Successful server query logins were logged regardless of query logging settings, sorry about that spam.
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  • Code
    1. === Client Release 3.2.0 27 Jun 2018
    2. ! Dropped support for pre 3.1.0 TeamSpeak servers.
    3. + Introducing myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. Link your Twitch account
    4. with your myTeamSpeak account and enjoy special benefits on TeamSpeak
    5. servers of your subscribed Twitch streamers. This requires sending along
    6. your myTeamSpeak ID, enabling the server to check if your account is
    7. subscribed to the Streamer.
    8. - fixed bug where the client show the wrong client info if the client loads multiple icons
    9. - Various myTeamSpeak Sync bug fixes and improvements.
  • Code
    1. === Server Release 3.3.1 20 august 2018
    2. Added: snapshots now save and restore the total connection count of clients.
    3. Fixed: When you send only whitespace to the server query, it will continue accepting commands now.
    4. Fixed: Moved certain ban related log messages from instance log to the server log where they should have been all along.
    5. Fixed: The query commands customset and customdelete work with mariadb now.
    6. Fixed: In rare cases the server crashed, when a client disconnected from server query system.
  • Code
    1. === Server Release 3.4.0 10 september 2018
    2. Added: New parameter 'client_nickname' for the 'use' command, allows setting the nickname of query clients before they become visible on the server.
    3. Added: Added new parameter 'version' for the linux/mac/freebsd servers, that returns the version of the server and then exits.
    4. Does not work with '' unfortunately.
    5. Changed: The Server enforces the maximum number of clients.
    6. Changed: The 'sendPluginCommand' has gotten its own flood protection, and wont trigger flood protection for the rest of the client anymore.
    7. It is controlled by the new 'virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_plugin_block' variable, its default value of 0 means
    8. that the same limit as 'virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block' is being used.